THE IMPORTANCE OF A GREAT HEADSHOT | Houston Child Modeling Portfolios and Headshots

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Years ago, when first entering the modeling industry, you didn’t really need a professional photo, as clients would hold “open castings”. Every child and their parent would show up, spend hours in line to be seen, and then, 90% of the time they would find out that the client was looking for a different look. The modeling world has changed. We now live in the digital era which means you are lucky enough to be able to digitally send your child’s portfolio to the client ahead of time. You don’t have to be present and spend whole day at a casting, you just need a great photo. And it’s VITAL!


Your child’s headshot is their business card. It has to catch attention and look professional. Imagine hundreds of images of different children next to your child’s photo. All of them are amazing, none of them is a snapshot. Your child will not be seen at a casting if their headshot does not stand out next to others. Why not to take the time to make sure your child’s profile is perfect?

Yes, professional modeling portfolio session is an investment. But just like in any sport or hobby there is somewhat of an upfront cost. If you’re involved in swimming, you need a swimsuit, goggles, and pool membership. If your child dances, you buy dance shoes, leotards, and pay for dance classes. In modeling, you invest in a proper headshot. The great news is, with that headshot you have the potential to earn back the money you spent and then some.


As a modeling portfolio and headshot photographer, I sometimes hear parents say that their child is just starting out and may not need a professional portfolio just yet. They may have one cute cell phone picture they could start with and see how it goes. And if it goes well, they will invest in a headshot session. This is backward thinking. Without a great portfolio, your child won’t be able to book a fraction of the jobs they could have booked. Remember, your child is being picked based on their photos. If you don’t LOVE your child’s photo, neither will the client.

But what makes a great headshot??? Good question! I think, the cleaner the better. No props, no hair accessories, nothing distracting in the background. The photo should be about your child and only about them. Some photographers use makeup artists that are pretty good at making it look like there isn’t much makeup on. I prefer no makeup at all. Remember, these are children and they need to look like children.

I believe that your child’s portfolio images should reveal their personality. I love a good serious look but clients are typically booking happy kids, so you want your child to seem happy and easy to work with in their photo.


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