THE VALUE OF A PRINT | Houston Child and Family Photography

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“We live in the digital era. Digital images is all we really need.” I hear this all the time. But you know what? As much as digital files are versatile, as much they depend on the technology allowing us to open and view them. And technology is changing rapidly. Remember those floppy disks? Now Apple laptops don’t even have a standard USB port. Wait, and how about Facebook or Instagram? Don’t you share hundreds, thousands of photos on your social networking profiles? That trip to Disneyland or your little one’s first day of school photo? We all do. But if for any reason, Facebook or Instagram decide to shut down your account and delete all your data, your images will go with it. Hard drives corrupt. Cloud storage is not reliable… But the worst part is that most of your priceless memories will never see the light of the day.


Print your photographs! And if your photographer offers professional quality prints, you should absolutely get them. Having a digital image only is like having an unfinished product. It is not done yet. It doesn’t quite exist. Not until someone takes time and effort to create a tangible print. Because it is meant to be printed, matted, and framed or displayed in a folio box as a piece of art, custom-made for you to last for generations.

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