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Babies go through so much growth and development in their first year of life – it’s incredible! They learn how to hold their head up, how to smile, how to sit, how to crawl… They change so much in such a short period of time, and before you realize it, you already have a running toddler who won’t stop even for a minute.

Milestone sessions are designed to document these changes in a simple yet timeless way. Paired with beautiful printing and matting, these portraits become valuable family keepsakes for both – parents and children.

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But what is the best time to photograph your baby to capture all these memorable moments? Since every baby is different, Milestone Sessions can be scheduled at any time during the first year. Typically, major milestones happen around three, six, nine, and twelve months.


If you missed professional newborn portraits, three months is a great time to make up for it. Your baby is still little, but you can already see a lot more interaction and movement.

At this age babies usually can: hold up their head, play with their feet, smile, do tummy time.


The midpoint of your baby’s first year marks quite a bit of growth and development! At this age, babies are trying to crawl and move around. Or they simply enjoy rolling over and being on their tummies more than before. Your little one is showing a lot more of his/her personality by smiling, cooing, and making funny faces.

At this age babies usually can: play with their feet, smile, lay on their tummy/scoot around or crawl.


9 months may be the best time to get professional portraits of your baby done. He/she is old enough to sit unsupported but not yet walking which is beneficial for a studio session.

At this age babies usually can: play with their feet, smile, crawl, sit up unsupported.


The first year is definitely worth celebrating, and babies will be different right around this time. Some are just learning to sit on their own. Others are taking first steps. How active and mobile your baby depends entirely on him/her. And that is wonderful because these portraits will capture him/her perfectly at this stage.

At this age babies usually can: play with their feet, smile, crawl, sit up, pull up to stand, try to walk.

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